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Non-Qualified Executive Benefit Programs


Qualified retirement plans (401(k), pension, profit sharing, etc.) offer employers a tax-efficient mechanism for helping their broad employee base save for retirement.  Unfortunately, income and benefit limitations on qualified plans make it difficult for higher-paid employees to ensure an adequate retirement income, creating a retirement gap.  Non-qualified plans can close this gap.  Non-qualified plans allow employers to tailor plans that help them recruit, reward and retain select key employees with tremendous flexibility:


  • No participation limits – Employers can hand select those employees most crucial to the company’s success
  • No contribution limits – No limits on income deferral or benefits payable
  • Flexible and customizable plan design, including contribution sources, benefit provisions and vesting requirements
  • Simplified government reporting and disclosure  
  • Flexible financing options


In addition to benefit design, key considerations include benefit financing, benefit security, effective communication and administration.